• Skin cancer

    Skin cancer

    Although skin cancer development is visible on the surface of the skin and can theoretically, be diagnosed and treated easily, some tumors often develop inconspicuously and in hidden places, only causing symptoms once they have already spread throughout the…

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  • Lung cancer

    Lung cancer

    Lung cancer, commonly referred to as bronchogenic carcinoma, is a disease of the lung tissue cells. Newly occurring mutations in a cell cause uncontrolled growth that results in a tumor. Various environmental influences such as the smoking of tobacco or the…

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  • Colon cancer

    Colon cancer

    Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in the Western world, affecting more than 6% of the population during the course of their lifetime. The chances of recovery are relatively good, provided early detection. Regular colonoscopy screening and the removal…

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