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neoscienceWe offer over 3,000 diagnostics tests, and more than 100 available elsewhere, including data management tools for you to track results and share them with your patients.

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neoscience for companiesMany companies and organizations rely on our products & services. Our clients include government agencies, commercial labs, Employers, Health Insurers and Pain Clinics

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Our Blood Testing Process

  • Visit one of our patient centres1
  • Your blood is collected in the best possible conditions2
  • No matter the weather, your sample is taken swiftly to the closest lab by a neoscience courier.3
  • Once it arrives at one of our many laboratories, your sample is processed by our experienced technicians and scientists.4
  • This is when we provide the answers you and your caregiver have asked us for.5
  • When your results are ready, our customer service representatives and our multi-disciplinary network of clinical scientists are ready to answer any further questions your caregiver might have.6
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